[webkit-dev] Clean way to allow delegates for PopupMenu?

Luiz Agostini luiz.agostini at openbossa.org
Fri Apr 16 11:30:00 PDT 2010

2010/4/15 Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri <barbieri at profusion.mobi>

> Hello all,
> I'm part of the EFL port team and we're implementing the PopupMenu,
> however EFL is a different platform as for our port it is just a
> state-full canvas, not relying on any widget set/toolkit, we do not
> have the concept of a menu at all!
> Looking at all existing implementations, they all go straight to
> native platform menus. But we can't as we want to avoid such
> dependencies. What we'd like to have is a delegate, that WebCore calls
> the ChromeClient that is overloaded in WebKit, giving our View user a
> callback with all data.
> The good news is: we did it and it works quite well.
> The bad news is: we cheated and include WebKit/efl/WebCoreSupport from
> PopupMenuEfl.cpp, what a shame! (although some ports *cough qt*
> include in WebCore defines from WebKit)

In Qt we have an abstract class for popup delegates in WebCore/platform/qt
and we do the actual popup delegate implementation in
WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport. The delegates are implemented in WebKit layer and
PopupMenuQt has no knowledge about any specific delegates. The only reason
to include WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport in PopupMenuQt is to make the call that
creates the delegate object. It could be avoided adding a method to Chrome
but at the time I was working on it it was decided that it was not needed.

> In order to have a clean design, we'd like to know the general opinion
> on how to do it. From what I see Mac already defines a similar call in
> ChromeClient.h:
> ...
>        virtual void willPopUpMenu(NSMenu *) { }
> #endif
> in our case, we'd need:
>        virtual void showPopupMenu(const IntRect& rect, FrameView*
> view, int index) { }
>        virtual void hidePopupMenu() { }
> #endif
> so our PopupMenuEfl.cpp will just proxy to these calls.
> However, although Mac does that it may not be the best solution, so to
> avoid endless patches to be discussed at bugzilla I'd like to know
> your opinion on the best way so our patch is right from beginning.

I think that we could add methods to Chrome and ChromeClient to create the
delegates. For example:

PopupMenuDelegate* Chrome::createPopupMenuDelegate(PopupMenuClient* c) {
return m_client->createPopupMenuDelegate(c); }
virtual PopupMenuDelegate*
ChromeClient::createPopupMenuDelegate(PopupMenuClient*) { return 0; }

Each port could then provide its typedef for PopupMenuDelegate and
override ChromeClient::createPopupMenuDelegate.


> Regards,
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