[webkit-dev] Editing Meeting

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Tue Apr 13 11:13:04 PDT 2010

- The code has old parts change that were made with a purpose in mind at
Apple (like adding a span with an known "class" attribute). There is a
lot of legacy code that could be removed (and should have).

- There is an issue where application does not behave as expected:
<a>....</a> depending on the position of the caret into the tag, the
behaviour is not the same.

- There was an debate over the meaning of VisiblePosition. It should
represent a position a caret is at, including the editing behaviour if
there is a difference while at the same position.
Currently, VisiblePosition to Visible is arbitrary.

- The current code is not that nice and refactoring it to be
understandable by anyone will be a huge work.

- The tests will be enhanced to be more readable. A patch is nearly finished.

- Performance is not an issue now, but it is to be taken into account
and improved.

- Next actions: get rid of nodeOffset (enabler to other changes)

- We talked about creating performance tests for the various DOM operations.

- We talked about deprecating "position" class, and getting rid of
node, node offset pairs in the DOM.

I'm sure I've forgotten more things we talked about.  Thanks to Julien
Chaffraix for taking notes.


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