[webkit-dev] Request: Include Import Library with win32 Nightly Builds

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Tue Apr 13 06:55:01 PDT 2010

I thought I'd bring this up again in hopes my life (and I assume others 
who are in the same boat as me) a bit easier.  My application use 
JavaScriptCore and is both in OS X and win32.  When I want to upgrade 
JSC to get bug fixes, I can download the nightly OS X build and then 
just drop in the framework.  The OS X build functions as a "binary" 
distribution for JSC (and any other library in Webkit.)

Not so with the win32 build.  It has the DLLs, but not the import 
libraries (.lib) which are built when the DLLs are built and used to 
attach the DLL to my code.  Can you folks change the script that creates 
these to include those import libs?  It would make the win32 nightly 
work as a binary distributions (this will put it in line with most other 
open-source distributions like libpng of SDL.)  Right now the win32 
nightly is only good for updating Safari.

Thanks ....

[>] Brian

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