[webkit-dev] Git meeting notes

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Mon Apr 12 20:45:58 PDT 2010

It's not immediately clear how to sort a list of commit hashes into a sequential list, e.g., if using a list of nightly builds for a binary regression search.

Perhaps there is a git command that sorts them for you given an existing repository?


On Mon, April 12, 2010 at 8:15:40 PM, Timothy Hatcher wrote:

> Only the first 5-7 characters are needed to identify a single commit (enough of 
> the hash prefix to be unique). So REGRESSION(96c3b0) vs 
> REGRESSION(r12345).

On Apr 12, 2010, at 6:28 PM, Alexey Proskuryakov 
> wrote:

> One thing that wasn't mentioned at the meeting is that git 
> doesn't seem to have the same monotonously increasing revision numbers as svn 
> does. It will be a problem to replace REGRESSION(r12345) with 
> REGRESSION(96c3b0300ccf16b64efc260c21c85ba9030f2e3a).

— Timothy 
> Hatcher

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