[webkit-dev] Git meeting notes

Benjamin ben at meyerhome.net
Mon Apr 12 13:59:21 PDT 2010

Quick and dirty notes from the Git discussion.

- April 12th 2010 / Garage 2 /  10:15 - 11:15

Who was there: Rim, Nokia, Qualcomm, Sony, Apple, Google, Gtk guys
(sorry I forgot which company you were from)

Everyone that is present is using Git internally to some degree.
- Apple ~20% are using git-svn the rest on svn
- Google/Chrome has converted from svn to Git for some of chrome
- A bunch only on Git and push to a git repository
- Some git-svn users
- A few svn users
- Everyone else ~100% git-svn

The idea of putting up a survey or something to get a better statistic
was brought up.

One person mentioned that one person was using mercurial, but the
discussion was very much not "If we move to a distributed revision
control which one", but more "Our community is using Git to a large
degree do we want to move to it"

There was some preaching to the choir about how various groups were
using Git to be more efficient etc

It sounded like a bunch of people have tried Git in the past when it
was a less mature project and got a bad taste.  In particular on
Windows using the cygwin git which was big, awkward and slow and back
when the docs were very poor.

Git on Windows is slower then git on other platforms.

We should put together various docs
- Go through and cleanup and update the Git development wiki page
(update to point to msysgit on windows for example)
- Create a basic workflow page showing the ~10 commands that are
needed to use git for those who want to try out git
- Create a overview of workflows showing off what we do today and a
simple git workflow to show off the advantages
- Include in the document reasons why moving to the git v.s.
continuing only on git-svn has advantages (merges, sha's, distributed

- Server side there is a trac plugin we can use and sounded like there wasn't

- Access the svn server from the other side of the world can be slow,
git solves that, also mention that this could be solved via a svn

* Ran overtime on this meeting

Post meeting notes from a few final discussions
Server side Apple's IT  wont allow ssh connections so we would have to
use http push.  An alternative would be host the git server outside of

Conclusion: Not move to Git until more of our community is using it.
Improve docs in particular and revisit this at a future date.

Please correct or clarify any mistakes, thanks

-Benjamin Meyer (icefox)

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