[webkit-dev] Overloads support in V8 & JSC

Yaar Schnitman yaar at chromium.org
Mon Apr 12 11:13:16 PDT 2010


I'm adding method overloading support to the V8 and JSC bindings
generators. A significant portion of custom bindings are needed since these
generators don't support re-declaration of functions with different sets of
arguments. Just in CanvasRenderingContext2D, there are almost a dozen
methods that can be "uncustomized" if the IDLs would have more precise
definitions of their various argument options. XHR, WebGL, SQLDatabase and a
few other places will benefit from overloads support too. Once done,
WebKit's IDLs will be more precise and more compliant with the W3C specs.

I plan to start with V8 first and use CanvasRenderingContext2D as a test
case. If all goes well, I'll add overloads support to JSC, and then
"uncustomize" the overloads for XHR, WebGL, etc.

Best regards,
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