[webkit-dev] Archiving the Haiku port? (was WebKit2 and all that jazz)

Maxime Simon maxime.simon at webkit.org
Fri Apr 9 15:26:36 PDT 2010


I'm "officially" the main maintainer of the Haiku port. But
considering my university course I have little time to work on it.
(I had plan to do so next summer though.) Another Haiku developer,
Stephan Assmus, did lately some great improvements on the port,
but is now focused on the web browser and keeps a not up-to-date
version of WebKit for his work.

In fact, our community is really interested on this port but having
a web browser seems to be of greater priority.

Our maintainers are using a subversion repository to work on the port,
but it has to be a temporary solution. And as I saw Stephan recent
work I think we should move on, re update our repo to a newer version,
propose patches to move the code on the WebKit repository.

I think it would be a mess to waste the work done last summer and
recently. (I know it would be put in another branch, but it's kinda
lose for us.) But it's also my fault for not trying to propose new
patches from Stephan's work.

PS: Sorry Stephan, you have been quicker than me to reply. :-)
PPS: Adam, we aren't offended, just showing that we are still alive.

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