[webkit-dev] Windows mobile build

Jason Rukman JasonR at bsquare.com
Fri Apr 2 10:50:48 PDT 2010

That's great news... How far away are you from getting this build toolchain working?

I want to upstream the API once I work out how we can integrate our changes; which I think means that first we need a build environment that can build our changes.

We are still working on the LayoutTests right now so I'm not sure.

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Hi, Jason.

I don't think it is a good idea to add separate solution and vcproj
files for Windows Mobile.

Windows Mobile is just a small part of Windows CE. Windows CE covers
multiple CPU architectures (ARM, MIPS, ..) and platforms with varying
features. I hope the build system covers multiple configurations
easily. vcproj file is too verbose and not easy to maintain to keep
multiple configurations as we can see from Windows port.

If we are going to add a build system for Windows CE, I think we need
a more clever way to deal with this problem. I am currently working on
a build system which generates MSVS solution and vcproj files from a
build script. The sole purpose of this build system is to support
multiple Windows CE platforms and configurations from a single script.
I'd like to contribute this work once it is ready.

By the way, what is your contribution plan? Do you plan to contribute
WebKit API and layout tests?

Kwang Yul Seo

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 12:45 AM, Jason Rukman <JasonR at bsquare.com> wrote:
> Right now we have a windows mobile 6.x build for webkit.  I’d like to start
> merging this into the tree but wanted to get some consensus on an approach.
> We have created our own solution and vcproj files that pretty much follow
> the current solution/vcproj files for the windows cairo build configuration.
> Would it make sense to add a windows mobile build and solution configuration
> to the existing windows solution (with some different vsprop changes) or
> should we check in our version of the solution and project files separately
> (and where?)  I don’t like the idea of a separate solution/vcproj files but
> as far as I know if we add the windows mobile configuration you need to have
> the windows mobile sdk installed to be able to open the solution.  I need to
> confirm that this is true also if you just run the build from the command
> line though.  I’ve had some success merging changes between vcproj files so
> it’s possible this might be automated.
> Thanks,
> Jason.
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