[webkit-dev] How to add a progress bar of page loading with webkit?

John Sullivan sullivan at apple.com
Mon Sep 28 06:29:01 PDT 2009

The Chrome and Safari teams have chosen not to display approximate  
progress bars for user interface design reasons.

You can implement a progress bar for a WebKit-based browser by using  
the -estimatedProgress method in WebView.h and the associated  
notifications WebViewProgressStartedNotification,  
WebViewProgressEstimateChangedNotification, and  

Note that any such progress bar (in any web browser, WebKit-based or  
not) is only an approximation, because as a page loads resources, it  
might discover additional resources that need to be loaded, so the  
page cannot know in advance how much more there is to load.


On Sep 28, 2009, at 12:14 AM, Jickae Davis wrote:

> I'm wonderring why Chrome and Safari don't add a progress bar which  
> indicates the progress of loading a html page.
> I took a look at all the ViewMsg and ViewHostMsg in Chrome's src,  
> and didn't find anything related.
> So, is that unimpossible to create such a progress bar?
> If it's not so hard, how to achieve that?
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