[webkit-dev] [webkit-changes] [48407] trunk/LayoutTests

Tor Arne Vestbø tor.arne.vestbo at nokia.com
Thu Sep 17 03:13:28 PDT 2009

Chris Fleizach wrote:
> It's possible that Windows, for example, supports an accessibility value 
> attribute for sliders, but it's also possible that it does not. 
> Likewise, it's possible Linux could support that attribute, or not.
> All I am sure of right now is that it's not implemented now.
> So instead of adding Skipped tests for every platform except Mac on 
> every checkin I make, I've just been making them mac tests only.
> If someone knows differently on these subjects, please let me know

I'd say add Skipped tests for the other platforms. Let it be up to those 
platforms to decide if it can be implemented or not and when to remove 
it from the Skipped list. I might take a new platform version to do it, 
but at least the test is global for everyone, not hidden only for Mac.

Tor Arne

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