[webkit-dev] MathML Acronym and the Style Guide

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Fri Sep 11 07:56:41 PDT 2009

So, as an acronym, MathML is somewhat strange in that it is "camel case" rather
than all upper case.   According to the style guide, all acronyms should be
uppercase and that would make it "MATHML".  But that isn't the way
MathML is usually used and referenced.  It is always "MathML" (try a google
search and you'll see what I mean from the search results).

I'd prefer to use:

   class MathMLElement;

   bool  isMathMLElement;

   String MathMLName();

That would be seem to be consistent with the "real" preference of acronyms
being used in variable names etc. as they would in a sentence or some other
natural language reference.

--Alex Milowski
"The excellence of grammar as a guide is proportional to the paucity of the
inflexions, i.e. to the degree of analysis effected by the language

Bertrand Russell in a footnote of Principles of Mathematics

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