[webkit-dev] Support sending multiple files via XMLHttpRequest.send()

Jian Li jianli at chromium.org
Tue Sep 8 18:16:21 PDT 2009

In WebKit, XMLHttpRequest.send() supports sending single file. It would be
better if we can support sending multiple files, like FileList (see bug
25923 <https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25923>).
In addition, XMLHttpRequest.send() only sends the raw content of the file,
without including the multipart boundary separators (see bug

To resolve these issues, we can enhance XMLHttpRequest.send() to support a
FileList object and add multipart boundary separators support.

Or, the other simpler way (thanks for suggestion from Darin Fisher) is to
extend XMLHttpRequest.send() to take an array of items. Each of item could
either be a string or a file reference. The web application is responsible
to generate the miultipart enevelop like the following:

    var payload = new Array;

How do you guys think about these approaches?


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