[webkit-dev] Exposing cURL proxy configuration per-request

Martin Robinson mrobinson at appcelerator.com
Sat Oct 31 14:07:02 PDT 2009

Hello all!

The cURL port in WebCore/platform/network/curl contains a method for
setting a proxy configuration in ResourceHandleManger for all
requests: ResourceHandleManager::setProxyInfo(...). Right now this is
only used by the wx port. I'll soon be implementing this for the Win32
Cairo port as well. This should probably happen per-request though, as
PAC scripts may return different proxies for different addresses.

I'm just looking for advice as to the "right" way to implement this. I
was thinking it could be another method on the FrameLoaderClient or
related delegate (essentially something like
FrameLoaderClient::dispatchDecideProxyForRequest). Does this sound
reasonable? Thanks in advance for the advice.

Martin Robinson

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