[webkit-dev] ThreadIdentifier abstraction is inefficient

Jens Alfke snej at chromium.org
Thu Oct 29 15:29:35 PDT 2009

On Oct 29, 2009, at 3:07 PM, Anton Muhin wrote:

> May you tell me which test(s) you run?

I saw this in Dromaeo's "DOM Query" test (the first one under "DOM  
Core Tests".) I believe it would also show up some of the other DOM  
tests, like DOM Modification, which also create and GC lots of DOM  

> And, overall, some time ago I failed to build Chromium w/ symbols (to
> use Shark), may you teach me how to do that?

In chrome.xcodeproj, unfold the Targets list and find the "chrome_dll"  
target; then unfold that and click the final build step, "Postbuild  
'Strip If Needed'".
Open the inspector (File > Show Inspector).
Either delete both the strip and exit commands, or put "#"s in front  
of them.
Touch any source file in WebCore, then build.


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