[webkit-dev] Calling all committers: The pending-commit list is overflowing

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Mon Oct 19 11:52:39 PDT 2009

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 11:34 PM, Adam Barth <abarth at webkit.org> wrote:
> 2) If you see a patch on the list that's ready to land (almost all of
> them), you can mark it commit-queue+ to have the commit bot land it.
> When you do this, please be sure to watch the tree for regressions,
> just like you would if you typed svn commit yourself.

FYI, if you're using commit-queue+, you should know about:

which gives you a little window into commit-queue's tiny brain.
Eventually I hope to move that to http://commit.webkit.org/ or
something easier to remember.


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