[webkit-dev] dim3 and JavaScriptCore

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Fri Oct 9 07:01:01 PDT 2009

Thanks to everybody on this list that helped me get up and running with 
JavaScriptCore.  I still have not compiled it myself (too busy working 
on dim3), so extra thanks to the guy (I forgot your name, sorry) that 
did the windows compile of CallJS, which got me the lib/dll combo I need 
to do the win32 port (I got the OS X framework from the nightly build.)

Please take a look, dim3 is a free, high end open source 3D engine that 
scripts through JSC:


(That's the OS X version, complete with demo project and editors.)

I'm *very* happy with JSC, but if I had a wish list it would be (in 
order or importance, and last time I checked so maybe some of this has 

1) include JavaScriptCore.lib with the win32 nightlies; this would mean 
both nightlies can be used as binary distributions (as most open source 
projects have)
2) removal of the pthreadVC2 dependancy from JavaScriptCore (it's not 
3) removal of the icu* dependancies from JavaScriptCore for win32 (these 
files seem contained to a few small places and are actually bigger than 
any other file by a large margin) -- this might be too much to ask, 
though, but thought I'd throw it out there
4) Some kind of version-ing call for JSC stand alone (not tied to webkit)

Again, thanks for all the help, I wanted you guys/gals to see what I've 
done with the engine so you know your help went to something good!

[>] Brian

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