[webkit-dev] How to add a progress bar of page loading with webkit?

John Sullivan sullivan at apple.com
Fri Oct 9 06:05:32 PDT 2009

I'm not sure where you are looking. This is from WebView.h:

     @discussion Notifications sent by WebView to mark the progress of  
     @constant WebViewProgressStartedNotification Posted whenever a  
load begins in the WebView, including
     a load that is initiated in a subframe.  After receiving this  
notification zero or more
     WebViewProgressEstimateChangedNotifications will be sent.  The  
userInfo will be nil.
     @constant WebViewProgressEstimateChangedNotification Posted  
whenever the value of
     estimatedProgress changes.  The userInfo will be nil.
     @constant WebViewProgressFinishedNotification Posted when the  
load for a WebView has finished.
     The userInfo will be nil.
extern NSString *WebViewProgressStartedNotification;
extern NSString *WebViewProgressEstimateChangedNotification;
extern NSString *WebViewProgressFinishedNotification;


     @method estimatedProgress
     @discussion An estimate of the percent complete for a document  
load.  This
     value will range from 0 to 1.0 and, once a load completes, will  
remain at 1.0
     until a new load starts, at which point it will be reset to 0.   
The value is an
     estimate based on the total number of bytes expected to be received
     for a document, including all it's possible subresources.  For  
more accurate progress
     indication it is recommended that you implement a  
WebFrameLoadDelegate and a
- (double)estimatedProgress;


On Oct 9, 2009, at 1:55 AM, Jickae Davis wrote:

> Well, I checked the WebView.h, and didn't find the estimateProgress  
> method and the three associated notifications.
> Then I searched them in the chrome's whole solution, didn't get any  
> clue too.....
> 2009/9/28 John Sullivan <sullivan at apple.com>
> The Chrome and Safari teams have chosen not to display approximate  
> progress bars for user interface design reasons.
> You can implement a progress bar for a WebKit-based browser by using  
> the -estimatedProgress method in WebView.h and the associated  
> notifications WebViewProgressStartedNotification,  
> WebViewProgressEstimateChangedNotification, and  
> WebViewProgressFinishedNotification.
> Note that any such progress bar (in any web browser, WebKit-based or  
> not) is only an approximation, because as a page loads resources, it  
> might discover additional resources that need to be loaded, so the  
> page cannot know in advance how much more there is to load.
> John
> On Sep 28, 2009, at 12:14 AM, Jickae Davis wrote:
>> I'm wonderring why Chrome and Safari don't add a progress bar which  
>> indicates the progress of loading a html page.
>> I took a look at all the ViewMsg and ViewHostMsg in Chrome's src,  
>> and didn't find anything related.
>> So, is that unimpossible to create such a progress bar?
>> If it's not so hard, how to achieve that?
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