[webkit-dev] compileOpCallSetupArgs

Zoltan Herczeg zherczeg at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Oct 7 06:54:42 PDT 2009


I am not sure this is a bug, so I am curios about your opinion. Currently,
I am trying to enable JSVALUE32_64 on ARM. First step, as usual, with all
optimizations disabled. Unfortunately, I got a crash. If JIT_OPTIMIZE_CALL
is disabled, callee is loaded to regT1 and regT2, while if enabled, to
regT0 and regT1. However, there is only one type of
compileOpCallSetupArgs, which presumes that callee is in regT0 and regT1.
If this is indeed a bug, which way should I choose: change compileOpCall
or put ifdef-s to compileOpXXXSetupArgs functions?


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