[webkit-dev] Guided bug reporting on bugs.webkit.org

Tor Arne Vestbø tor.arne.vestbo at nokia.com
Tue Oct 6 07:16:24 PDT 2009


Right now we have the bug reporting guidelines, here:


And the actual form here:


Would it make sense to expand the create-form template in Bugzilla to
join these two in a guided reporting, similar to e.g. Mozilla?


This would allow us to:

    - Provide the guidelines text inline with the fields, with examples

    - Add mapping between released "product" versions of WebKit (Safari
4, Qt 4.5, WebKitGTk+, Chrome 4.0.x, etc) to WebKit SVN
revisions, so that the user chooses the product he observed the bug in,
and we get the correct revision (and other fields filled out
automatically). We could also auto-detect this using the UA. This info
could go into a custom field, or as an automatic prefix to the

I guess the usefulness of something like this deepens on how we view the
   WebKit bugzilla. Is it for developers only? For users of WebKit API
(C,ObjC,GTK,Qt). For advanced users of browsers/products that use WebKit
(where the user knows the bug is a WebKit bug)?

Anyways, I would be happy to work up a guided form template if the
interest is there, but I wanted to poll the community first. Thoughts?  :)

Tor Arne

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