[webkit-dev] Making browsers faster: Resource Packages

Mike Belshe mike at belshe.com
Sat Nov 21 14:34:49 PST 2009

Alexander - when you do the testing on this, one case I'd really like to see
results on is this:

Page contains a resource bundle, and the bundle contains a bunch of
stylesheets, JS and other, but DOES NOT include one of the CSS files.
 Immediately following the <link resource bundle>, put a reference to the
style sheet not included in the bundle.

When the browser sees the link to the CSS, which is critical to the page
download, does it wait for the resource bundle to load (I realize that
technically it only needs to get the manifest)?  If not, it might download
it twice (since it doesn't know the status of the bundle yet).

Now simulate over a 200ms RTT link.  I believe you've just added a full RT
to get the CSS, which was critical for layout.  Overall PLT won't suffer the
full RTT, but time-to-first-paint will.


On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 3:57 PM, Peter Kasting <pkasting at google.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Dirk Pranke <dpranke at chromium.org> wrote:
>> Another caching-related issue involves versioning of the archives. If
>> version 2 of a zip contains only a few files modified since version 1,
>> and I have version 1 cached, is there some way to take advantage of
>> that?
> This is a specific case of my more general question, "One of your stated
> goals is to avoid downloading resources you already have, but even with
> manifests, I see no way to do this, since the client can't actually tell the
> server 'only send items x, y, and z'."  This was the one point Alexander
> didn't copy in his reply mail.
> PK
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