[webkit-dev] WebKit on the server side

Patrick Mueller pmuellr at muellerware.org
Wed Nov 18 08:01:27 PST 2009

Sergiy Temnikov wrote:
> Hi,
> We are working on a new application server that uses WebKit for
> server-side JavaScript execution (and remote JavaScript debugging
> too). ... For example, the first thing we had to
> deal with is the JS debugger. Debugger interface is defined in
> JavaScriptCore but its implementation lives in WebCore. Most of the
> debugger's implementation is abstract except for the part which sends
> event notifications to pages and frames objects which are GUI
> dependent and so can not be used in a faceless server application. So
> we basically copied the source of the existing debugger, commented
> out GUI related calls and added some stuff to transform it into a
> debugger which can be controlled remotely over the network. I would
> be happy to contribute to the WebKit project to add a layer of
> abstraction to the existing debugger implementation to cut its
> dependence on GUI and move it to JavaScriptCore from WebCore's
> inspector.

It would be interesting to see this.  Open a bug and contribute a patch.

There's two reasons I think this is interesting:

- would be useful for embedded clients.  For instance, if this is the 
current state-of-the-art for debugging Palm's WebOS apps, which are (in 
my understanding) running in WebKit - http://is.gd/4RKuh - then a remote 
debug interface would be incredibly useful, assuming you had a nice client.

- just cleaning up the interfaces between the debugger and debugging 
clients to begin with would probably be useful.

Patrick Mueller - http://muellerware.org

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