[webkit-dev] Non-Scaling Stroke feature (SVGT 1.2)

Jeff Schiller codedread at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 14:23:28 PST 2009


I am interested in having broader support for non-scaling stroke on
SVG shapes.  This is a SVGT 1.2 feature:

This adds a CSS property and attribute: vector-effect.  This property
can have three values:  none (default), inherit, or

When non-scaling-stroke, the stroke (outline) of a shape would
maintain its specified width regardless of the transforms applied to
the shape.  This is very useful when importing foreign SVG into new
documents and in GIS/mapping scenarios (for instance, zooming in on a
map would not "fatten" the driving directions path).

I realize that WebKit has been generally not interested in SVGT 1.2,
but I feel it makes sense to cherry-pick certain features that really
do improve SVG on the web.  Non-scaling stroke is one of these
features.  FWIW, Opera has implemented this feature since version 9.5.

I have opened a bug and supplied a patch that gets this off the ground
in WebKit:  https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31438  I only need
to figure out how to add some tests (need to understand how pixel
tests work in WebKit).

Darin Adler requested that I bring this up on this list for discussion.

Jeff Schiller

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