[webkit-dev] A question related to memory usage of webkit engine

Gyuyoung Kim gyuyoung at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 06:16:43 PST 2009


I have a quesition about memory usage of webkit. When I run GtkLauncher, the
GtkLauncher goes to the www.google.com.
The memory usage of GtkLauncher is about 22MB measured by top command. Then,
GtkLaucher's memory usage becomes larger by about
50MB when GtkLauncher goes to the heavy websites, for example, nytimes.com,
cnn.com, abc.com and so on. However, when GtkLauncher goes
back to the google.com, the GtkLauncher's memory usage is still around 50MB.
it seems to me GtkLauncher just returns a little memory to system.

I would like to know why webkit engine doesn't return heap memory to system
when go back to the simple website(google). In mobile environment,
I think this situation can be a problem.

I suspected that FastMalloc stores memory blocks. But, even though
FastMalloc is disabled, memory usage of webkit engine is same situation
as FastMalloc is enabled.

Or, does webkit engine store webpages? (page cache?)

Does anyone know the reason? Please let me know.

Gyuyoung Kim
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