[webkit-dev] caching of static files

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Tue Nov 10 20:32:54 PST 2009

On Nov 10, 2009, at 2:29 PM, Rick Gigger wrote:

> I have noticed that Safari and Firefox seem to use different strategies for caching static files. It seems that when I have the expiration headers set properly that Firefox does not request them at all until they are expired but Safari requests them gut gets back 304 "not modified" responses. Is one of those right or wrong? Does the http spec allow for either behavior?

The behavior you are talking about is called revalidation. The http specification specifies when revalidation should be done. For a particular test case you can read the HTTP 1.1 specification and figure out if the behavior is correct.

If the Safari behavior is incorrect, the bug could either be in the CFNetwork library or in WebKit. If the bug is in the CFNetwork library then it needs to be reported at <http://bugreport.apple.com> but if it is in WebKit, you could instead report it at <http://bugs.webkit.org>. If you don’t know which it is OK to start with WebKit.

    -- Darin

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