[webkit-dev] access webkit-fake-url data?

Clifford Meece clifford.meece at me.com
Mon Nov 2 09:30:25 PST 2009

When you paste image content into an editable content region, webkit  
produces URL's similar to the following:


Is there anyway to access that data?  In particular I'm trying to get  
at the data from a tinyMCE instance running in safari 4.  My goal  
would be to programmatically scour the HTML input, look for the webkit- 
fake-url tags, access the original image, upload it to the destination  
blog, and then rewrite the image links.  I realize that their may be  
significant sandbox rules preventing me from doing this, but it would  
be nice to know where the original data is stored and any ways to  
access it.

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