[webkit-dev] Question about table width property. I'm not sure if this issue is bug or not.

Kyounga Ra kyounga.ra at gmail.com
Tue May 26 16:58:04 PDT 2009


I'm Kyounga interested in web browser.

While I'm doing internet surfing, I found out Safari 4 has wrong rendering
result on "Yhaoo".
I investigated to figure out if this is really issue or just follows web
But, I'm confused to understand web standard.

I attached the reduced test page.

<div class=b> has "width :405px" , "display:table" , "padding-right,
padding-left:10px", "border :1px"
The sum of the children specifid width is 125(dt width) + 15(dd marging) +
257(dd width) =397.
So, the space is enough.
but, the <dd> content is laid out next line becuase the computed width for
<div class=b> is 383.
I think that the width property is computed by border edge.
But, normally, by CSS 2.1 the width property means "content edge".
For table, CSS 2.1 says
anonymous table box width is border edge of table box(the child of anonymous
box)  and
table width includes border-spacing and excluding border and padding.

reference :

Please make my confusion clear.

Thank you in advance.
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