[webkit-dev] Multiple views of the same RenderBlock

Yan rottled at gmail.com
Mon May 18 13:05:54 PDT 2009

I've been wanting to add a proof of concept feature to a browser, and have
been looking at the source of WebKit to find what I need to modify. The core
functionality of what I've been trying to create is the ability to create
two views, with potentially different clip sizes and different scroll
positions of the same content. The initial goal is to have two side-by-side
"frames" (not proper HTML frames, but two Safari views of content alongside
each other) that are independently scrollable and whose content area is now
half the width of the original page. If I highlight content, fill input
fields or navigate through on one view, the other should refresh also.

My initial stab at the problem, I tried adding a RenderBlock to two distinct
RenderViews and tried messing with the RenderBlock hierarchy, but that just
led me to core dumps. I also looked at creating multiple WebFrameViews and
WebDynamicScrollBarsViews, but that led to similar results.

Can someone point me in a better direction? The ideal scenario would be to
create a Safari plugin (if that functionality is even able to be embedded in
a plugin) with an added feature to split the current view in two. Hacking
the source directly would be acceptable also.

Thank you in advance,
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