[webkit-dev] WebKit memory issues

Javed Rabbani jrabbani at gmail.com
Wed May 13 12:00:26 PDT 2009

*Hi everyone,

I am working on a custom port of WebKit. When I am done with basic WebKit
initialization, I load a web page through the call to
frame->loader()->load(...) function. Once the data is delivered to WebKit
through appropriate call backs (didReceiveData, didFinishLoading), the page
is displayed all right. The real cause of concern for me is that the
majority of resources allocated during page loading are not reclaimed. I
have mapped my allocation routines with fastMalloc() so as to route majority
of allocation calls to my routines. To my observation so far, majority of
allocation calls are not matched with the corresponding deallocate calls. As
a result, resources are not recalimed. As more and more pages are loaded,
the available memory eventually exhausts and there is no more memory to work
with. What is the right way to reclaim the resources that are allocated
during loading of a page. As I have seen, there are a few thousand
allocations that take place to load even a very simple web page. All these
resources should be releaseb before the next page is loaded. Any help or
guidance in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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