[webkit-dev] SessionStorage being serialized to disk

Jeremy Orlow jorlow at chromium.org
Tue May 12 15:50:06 PDT 2009

Is anyone here dead set against window.sessionStorage ever being written out
to disk (in an unencrypted form)?
Session storage needs to be stored for the life of the Page class since the
user can always navigate back to a site or hit the back button.  This means
that a very long lived tab could start wasting a lot of memory in a world
where session storage is commonly used.

The only reason I've heard against writing session storage to disk is
security.  For example, a web site storing some security token client side.
 Unfortunately, you never know when your memory is going to get paged to
disk, so if we're serious about keeping session storage secure, we'd need to
address that--at least for sites using HTTPS.

The spec itself doesn't explicitly say either way.  It does suggest that the
lifetime of a browsing context (and thus session storage) is not necessarily
connected to the lifetime of a browsing process.  Since some crash recovery
implementations work by serializing the browsers state to disk, the spec
seems to be suggesting that it _can_ be written to disk, but I'm not aware
of any browsers actually doing this yet.

If we did feel strongly about making security guarantees for session
storage, we should probably suggest on WhatWG that it be guaranteed by the

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