[webkit-dev] Webkit SMp support

vinay harugop vince4u at gmail.com
Tue May 12 00:26:26 PDT 2009


Recently I read the Multi-processor support coming for Firefox.

I would like analyze webkit behaviour on a single core and multi core
system. I hope that this is the right place for the discussion to put my

I could find many threads are being created within webkit, i used android
port of webkit for this.  Modifying the procstat revealed that these threads
shows the CPU affinity  and some tasks get bounced across different CPUs. So
on multi processor system defintly webkit should get full advantage and I
see webkit should fly on SMP.

Could some one tell what are the other aspects to check in webkit for multi
core platfrom? how about   Javascritpcore , sunspider, DOM, input content
parsing, image files handling.
Any hints towards optimization for SMP in webkit ? OR is it already
complient/Done ?

Are there any tools in general avaialble to measure/benchmark browser

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