[webkit-dev] [win] VS2008? (was: Building WebToolKit)

Thomas Brodt thomas.brodt at porabo.ch
Tue Mar 31 23:47:16 PDT 2009

BTW: How are the chances that VS2008 will be supported somewhen in the 
future? Are there any plans? Or is it a greater challenge to do that? 
I'm not a genuine C++ developer, so I'm pretty clueless about that.

The reason behind that question: Microsoft has announced that support 
and download availablity for the VS2005 version is stopped as of today. 
And I have 2008 already installed because of another project.


Angrez Singh schrieb:
> Thanks Adam for your reply
>     Yes, that sounds like a good change to make. Would you be willing
>     to file a bug at http://webkit.org/new-bug (and maybe even make a
>     patch)?
> I'll file the bug, I can create the patch but it will take some time 
> as I haven't worked much with perl.
> Regards,
> Angrez
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