[webkit-dev] GtkWebKit couldn't play youtube's video.

yenchengwang yenchengwang at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 01:32:35 PDT 2009

hi all,
    I installed the GtkWebKit-1.1.3(both debian and fedora system) and tried
to watch youtube's video by GtkLaucher.
    but the youtube always say it can't play video because maybe I'd closed
the JavaScript or my Adobe Flash Player is too old.
    the same version of GtkLauncher is work on the debian system,
    and the firefox on fedora could play the youtube's video as well, only
the Fedora + GtkLauncher couldn't...what's happend ??

    well, I'v installed the flash-plugin- and
    but it still cannot work !! do I miss something ??
    excuse me that I want to know how to check am I close the
WebKitWebView's JavaScript or not ??
    ( Is check the "enable-plugins" property in the WebKitWebView widget ??

    any information would be appreciate !!!! plz

Y-C Wang
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