[webkit-dev] opcode for Webkit JavaScript Engine opcode

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Sun Mar 29 19:08:28 PDT 2009

On 2009-03-29, at 15:03, Lucius Fox wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 3:05 AM, Ariya Hidayat
> <ariya.hidayat at trolltech.com> wrote:
>>> Can you please tell where i can find definition of JavaScript  
>>> opcode?
>>> I mean, Webkit will parse the source js file into some internal
>>> JavaScript opcode for it s JavaScript VM to execute.
>>> Can you please tell me where I can find that?
>> Could not be more obvious:
>> JavaScriptCore/bytecode/
>> JavaScriptCore/bytecompiler/
> Thank you. But in the android's version, there is not corresponding  
> directory.
> Can you please tell me where/how is android's Webkit compile js into  
> byte code?

If you have questions about a version of WebKit that is not built  
directly from the webkit.org sources, such as that Android uses,  
you'll have much better luck asking the maintainers of that port  
questions about it since they're the ones that know exactly which  
version of WebKit they have and what modifications they may have made.

Failing that, it would be polite to at least mention that you're not  
asking about the mainstream version of WebKit in order to avoid  
wasting people's time.


- Mark

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