[webkit-dev] Use SquirrelFishExtreme Alone, Many Questions

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Wed Mar 18 09:02:04 PDT 2009

I'm working on v3 of my 3D engine dim3, it's a complete rewrite in a 
number of areas (for instance going to GLSL, new physics, etc).  The 
last thing I'm looking at is the javascript engine that runs the 
scripting.  Right now I'm using SpiderMonkey 1.7, and I'm investigating 
moving away from that for a couple reasons.  So, I googled, looked at 
the wiki, and can't seem to find the answers for these, though they seem 
like obvious things so I might have just missed it.

1) Can I compile SFE alone (without webkit)
2) Are there XCode and MVC projects (for SPE alone), and is the XCode 
project a framework?
3) Where are the SPE API docs online?
4) Is there a C interface (obviously I can't find the docs :) )

Pointing me to the API docs would be an extreme help right off the bat, 
as it would tell me how ugly the switch over would be.  Sorry for the 
beginner questions, but I'm trying to evaluate and can't seem to find 
the information I need.

[>] Brian

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