[webkit-dev] about WebCore\bindings\scripts documents

David Kilzer ddkilzer at webkit.org
Wed Mar 18 05:11:10 PDT 2009

The *.idl files are a custom Interface Definition Language for generating source code for DOM bindings.  On the Apple Mac port, there are (generally speaking) two such bindings built for each *.idl file:

- JavaScript bindings in C++ created by CodeGeneratorJS.pm; these files are the glue between JavaScriptCore and the C++ implementation files in WebCore.  They make the HTML DOM work in the web browser.

- Objective-C DOM bindings created by CodeGeneratorObjC.pm; these files provide an interface nearly identical to the HTML DOM interface in JavaScript, except in the Objective-C language.


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Hi all
In the webcore\bindings,there are some documents, but they are not c++ documents and I don't kown what they are. And what language they use. Now I want to konw their function, I hope you tell me!
thank you
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