[webkit-dev] run-safari fails in Window Debug build

First Half the.first.half at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 01:26:38 PST 2009


I built webkit Window Port in Debug mode.

When I execute run-safari --debug after build done, It says "Safari can't
open a browser window because some required software resources may be
missing. Try installing Safari again.".

Even though I already have install Safari, I re-installed it. But it doesn't

I traced run-safari command. It copys some required files into "C:\Documents
and Settings\##my_account##\Local Settings\Temp\WebKitNightly\"
and may be call safari.exe.

Compared with file list in "C:\Program Files\Safari", there must be missing
files in "C:\Documents and Settings\##my_account##\Local
There's no DLL files in "C:\Documents and Settings\##my_account##\Local
Settings\Temp\WebKitNightly\". Maybe something went wrong.

There's no difference between sources from svn or nightly zip. Both failed.

Is there anything wrong? I have no idea how to fix it.

Thanks. :-D
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