[webkit-dev] A question regarding to JavaScriptCore's C/C++ API.

Zhe Su james.su at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 22:44:02 PST 2009

   I'm developing an application which uses webkit's JavaScriptCore and a
customized global object (by providing a special class when creating the
context). My customized global object provides some built-in properties that
can be accessed by javascript code. Now, I want to support a special
behavior: allows javascript code to override a built-in property of global
object by using variable declaraction statement. For example, assuming the
global object has a built-in property, named "foo", a "var foo;" statement
shall create a javascript variable, named "foo" and the original built-in
"foo" shall be overrid by this new javascript variable. But if there is no
"var foo;" statement, the built-in foo shall be able to get and set from
javascript code.

Now the problem is, current JavaScriptCore's C API (especially those
HasProperty, GetProperty, SetProperty callbacks of a class definition) can't
distinguish variable delcaration statement and variable assigment statement.
I checked SpiderMonkey's API and found it can distinguish such things by
providing a flag when calling ResolveProperty callback.

Do you have any idea on this issue? How can I implement such behavior based
on current API?

James Su
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