[webkit-dev] Question about JavaScriptCore's JSEvaluateScript function.

Zhe Su james.su at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 22:14:29 PST 2009

  Recently, I'm writing an application which uses JavaScriptCore to execute
javascript code. I just encountered a problem when using JSEvaluateScript
function to evaluate a piece of script. When executing the script, some
callbacks provided by my code will be called, but I found that the context
received by callbacks are different than the context I created and passed to
JSEvaluateScript function.

Attached is a test program.
Below is the output of this program on my system (ubuntu 8.04 64bit with
latest webkit svn):

Create context 0x7faf5d567e88, global object 0x7faf5d530000
InitializeCallback(ctx=0x7faf5d567e88, obj=0x7faf5d532400)
HasPropertyCallback(ctx=0x7faf50c4b048, obj=0x7faf5d532400, prop=prototype)
CallAsConstructorCallback(ctx=0x7faf50c4b0c0, obj=0x7faf5d532400)
InitializeCallback(ctx=0x7faf50c4b0c0, obj=0x7faf5d532440)
SetPropertyCallback(ctx=0x7faf50c4b048, obj=0x7faf5d532440, prop=prop1)
HasPropertyCallback(ctx=0x7faf50c4b048, obj=0x7faf5d532440, prop=prop1)

You can see that, the callback functions received several different context
pointers comparing to the one created at first beginning.

Is it an intend behavior or a bug of webkit? And how can I avoid or
workaround this problem?

Thanks a lot.

James Su
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