[webkit-dev] What is WebCore.order used for?

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Sun Jun 28 15:42:52 PDT 2009

On 2009-06-28, at 15:26, Drew Wilson wrote:

> I'm adding the initial APIs for SharedWorkers, which require me to  
> add a couple of .idl files, as well as implementations in WebCore/ 
> workers and JS bindings in bindings/js.
> I'm getting a bunch of weird link errors which I haven't figured out:
> "__ZN7WebCore23JSSharedWorkerPrototype4selfEPN3JSC9ExecStateEPNS1_14JSGlobalObjectE 
> ", referenced from:
> __ZN7WebCore25JSSharedWorkerConstructorC1EPN3JSC9ExecStateEPNS_17JSDOMGlobalObjectE 
>  in JSSharedWorkerConstructor.o
> __ZN7WebCore25JSSharedWorkerConstructorC2EPN3JSC9ExecStateEPNS_17JSDOMGlobalObjectE 
>  in JSSharedWorkerConstructor.o
> I note that there are a number of Worker symbols in WebCore.order,  
> and I'm wondering if I might need to add SharedWorker symbols in  
> there as well - is there any documentation for what WebCore.order is  
> used for, and when/how to update it?

WebCore.order controls the symbol layout within the WebCore binary,  
and is only used with the Production configuration.  It's completely  
unrelated to the error you're seeing: references in WebCore.order to  
symbols that no longer exist are silently ignored.  The process for  
updating it is non-trivial and time-consuming, and is typically done  
by someone at Apple every few months.

- Mark

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