[webkit-dev] Memory usage for Webkit

Zoltan Horvath hzoltan at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu Jun 25 23:56:12 PDT 2009

Jim Howlett wrote at: 2009. 06. 25. 18.57.:
> Thank you.
> But can you please tell me how can I classify memory into memory areas:
> Webkit,
> Stack,
> Heap,
> Graphics library (in this case, Qt),
> other?
> How can i run/build similar tests myself on a different platform? or
> with a different Graphics library (e.g. Gtk)?


processes' smaps files (/proc/PID/smaps) give delitaled view into the 
internals of the kernel, on the address space and memory region mappings.

If you check your smaps file for a process, you can see which arena belongs to 
which library, including stack and heap usage (which mappings "doesn't have 
library" those also belong to heap). 

You can classify the memory into more arenas it's depends on your decision, 
just watch the libraries name.

You can do it with Gtk also, all you need is to have a kernel after 2.6.14 
with smaps support. I should you to check Linux::Smaps perl module and if 
you'll use it, the procedure will be quite easy.



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