[webkit-dev] opera unite api: extensions to add web server capability to browser engines

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Jun 16 11:34:14 PDT 2009

>  Um.  Unite is not part of rendering, layout or javascript.  It is part of
> the browser.  WebKit is not a browser.  It is a browser engine.

 ... a browser engine where the javascript namespace / DOM namespace
that can be extended?

>  Could you explain how unite represents part of rendering, layout or the
> DOM?

 you're nit-picking.

 perhaps a better question is, instead of saying "it's not possible,
it's not possible", is to ask: how can the javascript namespace be

 how can objects be dropped into the global javascript namespace [such
as how google added google.gears into the namespace]

 how can those objects be dropped into the global namespace _without_
having to recompile webkit?

 how can those objects be dropped into the global namespace in a
generic fashion using free software tools _without_ requiring a
boat-load of apple-only [near-proprietary] technology [i.e. without
requiring objective-c]

 thanks to COM, and thanks to the design of the mozilla XUL system,
developers of firefox extensions can drop objects into the global
namespace at will, without having to ask the mozilla developers to
drop everything and add some random extensions.


 because gecko itself is just _one_ of the technologies that is added
to the global namespace, and adding more is dead-easy, and can be done
even by a random plugin developer.


 how the heck does anyone do that with webkit?  correction: how does
anyone get some object into the global namespace that will sit
side-by-side next to "document." and "window." and all other global


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