[webkit-dev] Crash on the Mac (RapidWeaver plugin and Safari 4)

Gilberto De Faveri gilberto.defaveri at omnidea.it
Tue Jun 16 01:20:26 PDT 2009

I'll try to track down to a minimal example project, but this is not  

The hangs is reproducible only embedding webkit in a RapidWeaver  
plugin and does not affect test machines using Safari 3.

This is probably due to RapidWeaver internals, which runs plugin's - 
initWithCoder: method on a background thread, not the main thread.

On 12/giu/09, at 16:38, David Kilzer wrote:

> Hi Gilberto,
> Please file a bug on either <https://bugreport.apple.com/> or <https://bugs.webkit.org 
> > with explicit steps on how to reproduce the crash, then report the  
> bug number here.
> Thanks!

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