[webkit-dev] Quesition about DumpRenderTree output

Lucius Fox lucius.fox08 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 22:26:22 PDT 2009


Can you please tell me what is the meaning of "relative positioned"
and the meaning of "positioned" in DumpRenderTree?
How should I use that to read the values
RenderObject::localToAbsolute() (enclosed in ())and
RenderObject:frameRect() (enclosed in {});

For example:
layer at (780,168) size 222x25
  -RenderBlock (positioned) {UL} at (780,0) size 222x25 {780.00,168.00}

layer at (27,363) size 265x239
  RenderBlock (relative positioned) {DIV} at (18,18) size 265x239 {27.00,363.00}

and (no 'positioned' is specified)
  RenderBlock {DIV} at (0,0) size 261x26 {341.00,988.00}

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