[webkit-dev] Another problem: how to dump flash content into image in Linux?

TianShijun tiansjun at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 15 10:09:38 PDT 2009

Hi All,
I have tried to modify the PluginView::paint method in PluginViewQt.cpp to dump the flash content. But the result is always a gray image. Does any one know why? Or has anyone implemented  the similar function before? 

I have also tested the "print/print preview" function on many browsers (Firefox, Konqueror, arora, Opera). None of them can print flash content. Is there any way to implement it?

Thanks a lot.

PS: There may be a bug of PluginView::paint in PuginViewWin.cpp.While dumping web page with flash content into image, the dumped flash content has a  doubled offset. It works well if we comment the "SetWorldTransform" lines in PluginView::paintWindowedPluginIntoContext.

Here are the codes of my PluginView::paint in PluginViewQt.cpp. It always outputs a gray image in Linux.
void PluginView::paint(GraphicsContext* context, const IntRect& rect)
    if (!m_isStarted) {
        paintMissingPluginIcon(context, rect);

    //if (m_isWindowed || context->paintingDisabled())
    //    return;
    if(context->paintingDisabled()) return;
    PlatformGraphicsContext *painter = context->platformContext();
        PlatformPluginWidget widget = platformPluginWidget();
            //QPixmap pixmap = QPixmap::grabWidget(widget);
            //QPixmap pixmap = QPixmap::grabWindow(widget->winId());
            //QPixmap pixmap = QPixmap::grabWindow((WId)m_npWindow.window);              
            //widget->render(painter, QPoint(widget->x(),widget->y()), QRegion(0,0,widget->width(),widget->height()),
            //QWidget::DrawWindowBackground | QWidget::DrawChildren | QWidget::IgnoreMask );    
            QPixmap pixmap(widget->size());
            painter->drawPixmap(QPoint(widget->x(),widget->y()), pixmap);

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