[webkit-dev] Should we put the webkit.org mailing lists on Gmane?

Adam Roben aroben at apple.com
Sat Jun 13 06:00:16 PDT 2009

Gmane (<http://gmane.org>) provides a few features that could be  
useful for thewebkit.org mailing lists, including:

* a nicer web interface than Mailman's
* indexed search (maybe better than Mailman's, certainly at least as  
good, and with a better interface)
* a mail-to-news gateway (good for people who like news readers)

I think it would be good to put our mailing lists on Gmane (including  
importing the archives of the lists).

If we do this, I'd suggest using the names gmane.comp.web.webkit. 
{dev,changes,unassigned,etc.}. This matches what other similar  
projects (like Chromium) have done.

Getting the lists posted and imported just requires filling out a web  
form (for posting the lists) and sending an email (to request the  
import). I'm happy to take responsibility for doing this if people are  
in favor of it.

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