[webkit-dev] Frame layout size

Graffine graffine at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 00:26:21 PDT 2009


I want to scale the frame size to fit different window size. In my way ,
I used layoutWidth() to get the displaying size and used contentsWidth()
to get the web contents truly size, but both of this values sometims are

For example, I launch GtkLauncher to browse google, I got the correct
layoutWidth and contentsWidth value at the first time. Ater then, I
click on the url entry and press enter key, the page will be reloaded,
but this two function will return a same value. Is it right?

I'm curious about what meaning of these three functions:

1. visibleWidth()
2. layoutWidth()
3. contentsWidth()

I think layoutWidth() just the visiable area width of whole window, it
isn't including title, toolbar, scrollbar, border, and other things, and
I think contentsWidth() is the width of web page contents. If this is
right, I have a weird case. I make the window size of GtkLauncher is
480x272, but the layoutWidth() will return 510 when I browse google. It
looks like not the true visiable area width. Besides, the visableWidth()
is the same as layoutWidth().

If I want to get the width and height of visiable area and web page
contents, does any function I can use?

Thanks in advances,

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