[webkit-dev] A Javascript Programming Environment for Safari 4

Jeremy Orlow jorlow at chromium.org
Thu Jun 11 11:27:38 PDT 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 7:22 PM, David Goehrig <dave at nexttolast.com> wrote:

> Hello Webkitties,
> Let me say, congratulations on getting so close to having real HTML5
> support.  While there are still some rough edges, Webkit has been making
> some huge strides towards making the web a nice place to program.  In the
> spirit of showing off what can be done with the right tools, I've released a
> bit of code that currently only runs under Safari 4.

I'm curious to know what APIs you're using that aren't working correctly in
Google Chrome.

Also, I know it's not done, but here's a few suggestions:
* The white boarder is a bit distracting.  You probably want to do something
like "body { margin: 0px }" in CSS?
* The direction stuff moves on the canvas while scrolling should be

Pretty cool for so few lines of code though!

It is a live object programming environment inspired by Randal Smith and
> David Ungar's paper "Programming as an Experience: The Inspiration for
> Self".  Like the Self environment, I've built a slot based object editing
> system, just with a bit more drag & drop support, HTML5 canvas integration,
> and a "classy object" traits style programming model.
>  If you'd like to see what is possible in Safari 4 in about 3 days:
> http://www.dloh.org/
> The full source is available under the GPL3 license from github.com:
> git clone git://github.com/cthulhuology/Phos.git
> There's a set of tutorials available on the webapp, as well as, a series of
> video tutorials on youtube.  You can find the lot of them:
> http://blog.dloh.org/
> I'm going to add collaborative object editing support to the environment
> this weekend, and should have offline and remote object storage done around
> the same time.
> Great work for making this sort of app possible,
> David J. Goehrig
> PS.
> For those who are curious, the code base is small, ~588 Lines of code in
> 172 or so functions.  Between 100-200 lines of code are there just to work
> around issues with Javascript or API wonkiness.  The meat of the application
> is ~200 lines of code in 41 functions that provides support for Text,
> Graphics, Video, and Sound widgets.  The base 385 lines, consists of a
> multipurpose library that I've used on two javascript projects. (The other
> is NewScript, a Postscript meets Javascript language with an Intel native
> compiler implemented in 100 or so lines of javascript).
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