[webkit-dev] NPAPI Plugin on openembedded

Graffine graffine at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 03:09:37 PDT 2009

Hi all:

I port webkit/Gtk+ to openembedded and try to test flash plugin on
GtkLauncher. I take qemu to simulate the embedded environment, incluing
arm linux and x86 linux platform. I found that webkit cannot load any
plugins on x86 linux, but it can work well on arm linux.

The following is my testing steps:

1. Cross-compile WebKit r44125 and flash plugins (Only for arm linux)
2. Put flash plugin on ~/.mozilla/plugins
3. Launch GtkLauncher and browse YouTube.

In addition, I also test it on desktop linux(OS is Ubuntu 8.10), and it
works well. This looks very strange. Does any one know what I miss or
NPAPI plugins need any extra packages?

Thanks in advance,

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