[webkit-dev] Working XPath example via GDOM-Binding

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Jun 9 11:31:28 PDT 2009

>  >  so if you delete the .lo then the build process happily recreates the .o

>  Actually it was "rm DerivedSources/JS*.lo". Thanks for all your help
>  so far.


>  Here is a working XPath sample:


>     res = gdom_document_evaluate(doc, exp, body, resolver, 0, NULL);

>  Next thing interesting thing would be knowing how to set fifth arg for
>  gdom_document_evaluate which is an enum that controls the output
>  order. As far as I know the enum is not exported via binding so at the
>  moment we have to set this value by hand.

 ahh, yerrs... hmmm... that will require adding more code to #16401,
which will result in yet more objections as the size of the patch will
increase.  well, tough: it should have been landed months ago.

 i'll look at a way to find and create some enums.


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