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Tue Jun 9 03:01:02 PDT 2009

Holger Freyther-6 wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 June 2009 10:39:41 Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> [hiya sean, moving this to webkit-dev as other people may benefit from
>> it, hope you don't mind]
> sorry, I don't understand at all... copying stuff over in the middle of
> thread 
> is not helping anyone. Subject and content just confuse me...
> z.

sorry, holger.  it's not _that_ much "in the middle of the thread".  i
apologised already in advance.

the background context is: sean and leon are both endeavouring to compile
and utilise the glib / gdom bindings to webkit.  leon is doing a free
software browser project; sean would like to use pywebkitgtk with the python
bindings on top of the glib / gdom bindings.

they are both encountering compile errors and are also helping out by
covering areas of code in the glib / gdom bindings which were not used or
tested in the initial development, around august 2008.

leon is unfamiliar with glib / gobject concepts and is making some of the
classic "uninitialised variables as input to functions" mistakes, which are
very easy to do if you're unfamiliar with glib / gobject.

i would consider that to be relevant for archival purposes for anyone else
who is mad enough or has a very good reason to use the glib / gobject
bindings, direct (such as for embedded systems).

in an embedded systems project that i am helping with, the use of the glib /
gobject bindings has proven to be an absolute god-send.  without the glib /
gobject bindings the project could not proceed _at all_ because the only
other options are:

* direct c++ access of WebCore objects
* javascript
* installation of objective-C environment

- direct c++ access was ruled out as too complex
- javascript was ruled out as too slow
- installation of objective-C was not even _remotely_ considered but would
be far too onerous an addition for a tiny embedded system.

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